The sign at the entrance of the Los Lagos neighborhood of Indian Wells
The community of Los Lagos certainly earns its name with its beautiful lakes and water features
Residents of Los Lagos can take a seat and enjoy the tranquility of the lake every evening
Pack a lunch and have a fun afternoon along the lake feeding the ducks when you live at Los Lagos
The wonderful fountain decorates a roundabout in Los Lagos
Relax at several spas and hot tubs available to residents of Los Lagos in Indian Wells
Grill out or simply relax on your own patio while living at Los Lagos
Take a dip in your very own community pool when you reside in the community of Los Lagos in Indian Wells
Residents can enjoy several tennis courts while living in Los Lagos of Indian Wells
The entrance to Los Lagos features guard gates and a breathtaking pond
Couples or dog walkers can take an evening walk along the paths throughout the neighborhood of Los Lagos
Residents can feed the ducks or enjoy the view from this bridge within the Los Lagos community
You'll want to hop along the rocks when you see this adorable creek in Los Lagos
Listen to the nearby waterfall while relaxing at the Los Lagos community pool
Large rocks add to the lovely landscaping found throughout the Los Lagos community of Indian Wells